Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance along with fire extinguisher sales.

We now have trained technicians and a certified shop to be able to do Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Maintenance. 

Did you know that not only are your fire extinguishers to be inspected monthly, but you are to have a trained technician do an inspection on them annually.  We can come to your location to do these inspections.  If you have found that your extinguisher may have lost pressure or has been discharged, we can recharge them for you.

We have reasonable rates and prompt service within SW Saskatchewan.  We can provide most of your fire extinguisher accessories and supplies, too!

Call us for pricing and inspection rates or information. 306.672.4499

We also provide fire extinguisher training at our facility in Gull Lake.  Training includes classroom theory and live fire practical.

Crew Trucks w/ picker cranes

Maintenance trucks equipped with picker cranes

All operators have crane operator training and all pickers have current certification



Available for clean-up and transport of fluid, spills and wastes.

Able to haul most TDG's, acids, septic wastes, and fluids with solids.

Pressure Washer and Steamer

Chemical transfer and inhibiting

Tank and well site cleaning

Free water knock-out and vessel cleaning

Combo Unit

Tandem Steamer / Vac combo unit

Capable of small debris hydrovac operation

Boiler Units

20HP and 40HP boilers

2 reeled hoses with extensions

Various fittings to adapt to specific needs

Operators trained for various operations including service rig assistance, Frac operations, and general oilfield maintenance

Safety Trailers

Trained Safety Techs and watches

Multi-line air operation

Electronic air quality monitoring equipment, including H2S, LEL, O2and Benzene

Site specific documentation, including CSE logs, Air quality monitoring, and hazard assessments

Site signage including H2S and Safety Zone
Safety gear including stretcher, harness and lanyards.

Liquid Transports

Potable water transport
KCL (Potassiumm Cloride) transport and transfer

Aggregate Sales

Wide range of soils, gravel, and rock.  Please call for current pricing.  We can deliver throughout SW Saskatchewan.

Excavation Equipment

 We have loaders, track hoes, skid steers and backhoes for a variety of needs.

Quality Control Program

Our Quality Control Program is assigned by the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan.  It allows for the installation, routine repair and maintenance of power boilers, heating boilers, power piping and process piping, pressure vessels and fired heater pressure coils.

We have facilities for off-field manufacturing of piping including testing.  We also have a fully equipped shop for the repair of boilers.

For more information about our Quality Control Program, please visit our Quality Control Program section. 

Safety Training

Please view our Safety Training section on course description, dates and booking contact number.

We offer training on H2S Alive!, First Aid & CPR, Confined Space Entry, Ground Disturbance, Fall Protection, and more.

We provides sales, service and rental of:

Gas detection Monitors (BW's and Rae's)
 Breathing equipment (Scott, Survivair) 

Fire Extinguisher sales, Inspections and Maintenance